Photo Guide – which photos are suitable?2019-06-21T21:18:27+00:00

You don`t have to be a professional photographer to get the right shot. You can even take great photos with your smartphone, that are suitable. Here are a few tips:

  1.  TAKING AT EYE-LEVEL – A more desirable portrait can be created if you are at the subjects eye-level, rather than looking up or down at them, particularly for dog portraits.
  2.  LIGHTING – Light is very important when it comes to a good photo. The best option to take a photo is outdoor!
  4.  POSE – the best pose to take a photo of your pet is either sitting down or standing
  5.  NO ACCESSORIES – your pet shouldn´t be wearing any accessories like harnesses, collars or leashes, if you don´t want them to be included in the potrait.
  6. GET CLOSE – you should get close enough, so that all the details are visible, but not too close, so that there are no cut-off body parts of the pet

These would be some great photos to work with:

Photos that are not suited:

Please avoid to send:

  • Screenshots
  • Photos that are saved/downloaded from Instagram or Facebook
  • Photos that are smaller than 1 MB
Do you offer human portraits? How about other pets like birds or piglets?2019-06-21T21:19:19+00:00

I do offer human portraits, as well as portraits for all kinds of other pets!

What changes can I make to the portrait before you send me the original file?2019-06-21T21:18:21+00:00

Once I send you the portrait, you will have the chance request unlimited revisions. Though, there are some restrictions.

Possible revisions:

  • Small color changes
  • Adjusting the the size of elements in the portrait
  • Adding more or removing graphics like flowers, feathers etc.
  • Adding more or removing watercolor splatters/washes

Revisions that can`t be made:

  • Changing the reference photo of the pet
  • Changing the style of the portrait (for example from Watercolor to Color Splash)
  • Changing to a totally different color scheme than originally discussed
Can you remove accessories like a leash, harness or collar?2019-06-21T21:19:48+00:00

I can only remove small accessories, that aren`t covering important details.

Can I order a canvas print?2019-09-28T20:41:52+00:00

Yes you can! If you would like to order a canvas print in addition to the digital portrait, you can go to my “Add-On” page and select a print.


Can you take pets from multiple photos and combine them into one painting?2019-06-21T21:19:48+00:00

Yes! It helps if the subjects in the photos are shot with similar lighting and in the same direction so that the shadows lineup.

Do you ship worldwide?2019-09-29T07:21:56+00:00

Since my portraits are digital you can order a portrait, no matter where you live. Normally no physical print is shipped, unless you order one (“Add-Ons”). Add-Ons like photo canvases, photo paper prints and phone cases can be purchased in addition to a digital portrait.