Custom Logo Design

299,00€ (320$)

You are looking for unique logo design for your business, photography, website, etc.? You are in a right place!

I will create a custom and memorable Logodesign that fits you and your brand. Logo and brand identity design is an integral part of any successful business and, when done correctly, will make a business more profitable.

How it works:

1. Once you place an order, I will ask you a few questions that will help me understand your idea of your perfect logo. Try to be be as expressive as you can. You can mention color, design, your imagination and/or anything that you might have seen somewhere. You can also create a mood board (e.g. on pinterest) and send me the link. The more information, the better the outcome and your satisfaction with the logo!

2.  After we discussed everything and you gave me all the informtion, I will start designing the logo. After 5-10 days I will send you

2 design drafts. You will let me know which one you like and if you would like to have a revision/changes.

3. If you are satisfied with the result, I will send you the logo in the required file formats (PNG, JPG, EPS) by email.

Please note: If the logo design turns out to be more elaborate than expected, I reserve the right to charge a surcharge in consultation with you.


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